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Am I a Candidate for the ALLON4 or ALLON6 ?


How do the Specialists determine if you are a good candidate for All-on-4 or All-on-6 here in Cancun?


The clinical evaluation or pre operative planning is key to the success of any and all dental Implant treatments including detailed evaluations, specialized ct imaging in determining what specific dental Implant treatment course is best for a predictable outcome designed for the patients exact case.


Sometimes a patient wants a specific type of treatment because of their research or know some one has had the same, but this does not always mean that it is the optimal or correct treatment choice for them. Any dental Implant surgery Involves a personalized review and customized plan as everyone is different and there is never a one size fits all treatment. 

In general, candidates for All-on-4 or All-on-6 in Cancun (or anywhere)  should have the following: 

Good degree of Oral health: Patients who are currently dealing with gum disease and other periodontal problems may need to have these issues treated first before undergoing any All-on procedure. 


Be missing most or all of their teeth on either or both arches: While dental implants can also be used to secure crowns and bridges, All-on-4 and 6 is a method used exclusively to secure full-arch dentures.


Be in good enough health to undergo surgery: The placement of implants is a surgical procedure and, as such, does entail a certain degree of risk. Certain types of medical conditions (such as uncontrolled diabetes) may disqualify you from the All-on dental Implant procedures. Patients taking antidepressants should be aware of the increased risk of implant failure, Patients undergoing radiation therapy of the jaw are usually not eligible for dental implants.


No Smoking: Smoking can increase your implant failure rate up to three times. Smoking is absolutely forbidden while recovering from surgery, and patients are strongly encouraged not to smoke after recovery. 


Have favorable jawbone density: While All-on-4 and 6 requires less bone density than traditional implants, a certain amount of density is necessary to support the implants. Patients without sufficient bone density will have to undergo bone grafting

Be Committed to the Success of their Treatment and Oral health: The All-on Procedures have many benefits for patients and clinicians alike, but their is only so much your dental specialist can do to ensure optimal outcomes. A patient has to be committed to following the specialists recommendations, Following after care rules, Understand that this is a surgery and will take a lot of getting used to, Dietary changes will be needed and be adapted temporarily, Maintaining Oral care and hygiene is imperative for success and treated similarly to having real teeth. 

How can we confirm you are a possible Candidate for getting the ALLON4 or ALLON6 here with us in Cancun 


We ask all prospect patients to forward as much corroborating information about their case as possible including recent treatment plans, dentist evaluations and very importantly Xrays / CT Scans so our specialists can review and provide professional recommendations.



We recommend that patients who are interested in traveling to Cancun Mexico for the All-on-4 or All-on-6 dental treatments to first visit their local dental care provider and receive a unto date clinical evaluation so as they have an understanding of their current Oral condition and if these treatments are actually the best course of action to them, If they are, they will be presented with a plan, xrays and Scan findings by the dental provider to better explain their recommendations. If you have those you can then easily forward to us here in Cancun and our Dental Implant specialists can review and provide a second opinion or cost comparison to the plan you already have. investing in a exploratory evaluation with your local dental provider and having recent information on your current case will certainly make a big difference in the levels of detailed planning we can provide prior to booking.






If you have not visited your local dental provider and visit us here in Cancun our All-on-4 specialists will provide detailed clinical evaluations / Scans and procedure planning onsite to provide your case with the Optimal treatment and procedure recommendations.



Our Cancun All-on-4 and 6 dental Implant specialist at the clinic can perform all necessary diagnostic and clinical evaluations with computer guided surgical planning and guides and treatment presentations happily, but if you like the majority of patients want to have a good idea of what to expect in your surgical and rehabilitation dentistry,  and similarly as important accurate costs of those dental treatments to limit any unnecessary financial surprises.

This is also a good lesson in learning how the clinic / specialists communicate with you, how they explain their recommendations and how they intend to perform the treatments noted for your case. 

ALLON4-ALLON6 Cancun Mexico


ALL-ON-4 & ALL-ON-6 


Not all dental Imaging is created equal, true they all have their designated uses and when it comes to the ALLON4 and ALLON6 the CT Scan is what your dental Implant specialist needs.

The importance of the correct type of imaging needed for the ALLON4 and ALLON6 treatments cannot be underestimated (and Implant treatments in general) 

It is not recommended that you have any dental implant treatments performed without first having a CT Scan taken along with additional digital xrays.


A diagnostic CT scan is vital for the specialists to assess 

whether you possess adequate bone density and bone volume for these procedures. In some cases, preparatory dental work may be needed prior to a All-On dental implant treatment can be performed.

It allows accurate, precise, and safe planning of the implants with as few complications as possible. Essentially, a CT scan before a dental implant procedure will significantly improve the likelihood of a seamless, successful procedure

Why panoramic X-ray image alone is not enough?

Panoramic images are great and are used as a diagnostic tool, but are magnified and distorted whereas Cone beam images provide undistorted and accurate views of the jaws. As a result the use of panoramic images to perform measurements is unreliable. Another key difference is that CT images provide different views (cross-sectional, axial, coronal, sagittal, etc.) while panoramic x-rays provide only one view with all structures between the x-ray tube and the image detector superimposed on one another. This allows CT images to separate out the various structures.



With these diagnostic tools and dental Implant specialists experience you will know whether or not you are a Candidate for the ALL-ON-4 or ALL-ON-6 Dental Implants with us in Cancun Mexico. 

What ever the Findings rest assured our dedicated team of Dental Specialists will find a solution for you 

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