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The Dental Clinic

Avenida Bonampak

Edificio 7, Local 12

CP 77500

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm

​​Saturday: 10am - 4pm

For International Patients Schedules are personalized and hours to suit the surgical schedules

Patient Care, Information and Bookings

Tel: 1-800-323-1208

Whatsapp: 052 1 9981580976

When looking for Information and assistance about the ALLON4 and ALLON6 in Cancun with Dr Joaquin Berron DDS and Dentaris, We have an exclusive and long standing partnership with the leading International Dental Facilitation Specialists Dental Destinations Cancun who have been leading the industry of Dental Vacation and Dental Tourism Mexico with over 10 years experience and having helped over 1500 International patients receive the Information, Guidance and assistance needed to make the most out of traveling to Cancun for dental work and ensure you have a professional and experienced point of contact throughout your research and dental appointments.

An Absolute Promise from Dr Berron and Dental Destinations Cancun are:


  • No Obligation

  • No sales

  • Absolutely no rushing or pushing 

  • Never requests for upfront payments or charges​

Always Valuable advice Information and  assistance to ensure you have the very best Dental Vacation and experience here in Cancun.

Our dental facilitation coordinators are the most Experienced and Professional coordinators in Cancun Mexico and regularly or have taken part in numerous dental conferences, sat in on case studies, lectures and one to ones with some of the best dental specialists in Cancun so we have a better understanding of what a patient is seeking or looking to undergo, This is much more than just wanting to book a patient or get an appointment based on sales targets as most clinics or "online facilitators"  do.

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