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How to choose your Cancun ALLON4 and ALLON6 Dental Implant specialists in Cancun and Dental clinic.

We understand the difficulty you may have in deciding on who or where exactly you should choose to undergo the All-on-4  or All-on-6  dental Implant treatments in Cancun, and you may think all dentists and dental clinics are more or less the same. The fact is they are not, So we recommend that when choosing who to invest your time, health and care with for such technique sensitive and surgical procedures you should start with checking the following.


  • Check the specialists professional credentials and Professional Experience in these specific treatments - how many years have they been performing the ALLON4 / ALLON6

  • Clinic Facilities - Today it is possible to take virtual tours to see if the clinic is of a standard you would want to visit for such dental work.

  • Does the clinic count on other equally qualified dental specialists and a full support team 

  • Previous patient testimonials / Contacts - Years after treatments 

  • The dental clinics name and Reputation, online you can get a good idea of positive or negative trends

  • Transparent Costs in writing and any additional treatment information - When providing relevant requested information (Not "package" costs without revision)

IMPORTANT - Confirm the All-on-Implant specialist who has reviewed your case  and provided treatment recommendations will be the same dentist performing your surgery and rehabilitation.


Also check their status and if they are an actual member of the clinic or a “recruited” Independent specialist working with multiple clinics.

If the latter how will follow up questions, communication and future care if needed be handled

Choosing your All-on-4 dentist Cancun Me

“There is no substitute for experience”

Do not choose a dentist or dental clinic based on 



  • The Website alone - Great designed website does not make a great dental experience

  • Cost promotions - Affordable dentistry is a lot different to cheap dentistry, do not choose a dental clinic because they are the cheapest 

  • Outlandish promises - Dentistry is not an exact science and professionals will always make you aware of all possible outcomes or problems that maybe encountered.



Traveling to Cancun for the ALL-ON-4 or ALL-ON-6 dental Implant treatments if done with sufficient research and evidence gathering completed with due diligence and based on facts and information will allow you to elect the best dental implant team to perform your dentistry and provide you with the very best chances of successful and long lasting dental solutions.

Predicting outcomes and Predictable treatment outcomes are terms you need to look for from your dentist, This is because dentistry is not an exact science due to the numerous variables of treatment techniques, patient cases , health, lifestyles and experience etc 

But the importance in detailed treatment planning with the necessary equipment, software and specialists experience will ensure your case has the best chance of a predictable & Successful Outcome, which is what is essential for a patient and dentist.

Wanting to get the Smile of your dreams, regaining the quality of life that functioning teeth can provide are emotional factors, and while we love the positive impact and life changing dentistry afforded by the ALLON4 and ALLON6 Dental Implant treatments that are performed here in Cancun Mexico, do not rush in your decision making, take your time ask these questions to better understand who you are entrusting your Health, Appearance and money with. With these answers you can refer back to during and after your treatments and know exactly where you stand at all points of your dental journey in Cancun.



  • Which specialist will be performing the dental work / surgery and what are their qualifications and experience? How many cases have they performed in the last 12 months

  • Will the Specialist be able to understand me, will there be any communication barrier?

  • Are there any additional treatments that may be needed and could increase the cost quoted? 

  • Will I need to take medications / Pain management medication after?

  • Do I need to bring anything specific with me on my appointments?

  • Which dental clinic or facility will the treatments be performed?

  • Will I have transportation included for all clinical appointments?

  • What happens if I have an emergency and the clinic is closed?

  • Will the treatment plan require more than 1 visit to Cancun? if so how many

  • What happens if a treatment fails?

  • What happens if I decide not to go ahead with the treatments once I am there?

  • Do you have the necessary equipment and technology to perform my treatments?

  • What are your sterilization protocols?

  • Can my companion accompany me during the appointment and or surgery? 

  • Will my diet be affected after, if so what will be the diet plan or options and will I need to take any extra precautions?

  • Any restrictions after the treatments / Surgery? 

  • Does the clinic accept dental insurance?

  • What Payments do the clinic accept?

  • What initial payment is expected and how is the remaining balance divided?

  • Who will follow up with you after treatment, who can I contact if I have any questions or doubts?

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