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You probably have read a little about the ALL-ON-4 and ALL-ON-6 dental Implant treatments, You may have researched a bit more and watched videos, checked forums and spoke to friends. Your dentist may have even explained in passing about this dental treatment, and yet you may still feel slightly lost on what they are and what their purposes are for patients.

Do not worry, you are certainly not alone and we will try to explain a little bit more and a little less technical (for this purpose) to hopefully give you a better understanding of what these dental Implant treatments are, what they aim to achieve and who can benefit from them.


One of the Most Important Pieces of Advice we can give to patients is to only undergo Dental Implant treatments and especially Complete Oral Rehabilitations like the ALLON4 and ALLON6 in Cancun Mexico with Experienced, Qualified and skilled dental Implant specialists who have a proven history, Credentials and resume in this specific dental treatment field. This is more important if you are thinking of traveling to Cancun Mexico or any country that you may not be 100% familiar with.


The ALLON4 and ALLON6 Implant procedures allow the dental specialists to place an entire arch of teeth using only 4 or 6 Implants.


We will explain more on this site about the multiple steps it takes to get the Optimal ALL-ON-4 and 6 Dental Implant options in Cancun Mexico over approximately 4 + Months (Depending on individual cases) 


The Reasons why Dentists and patients alike are so excited about the All-on-4 and

All-on-6  dental Implant treatments and why hundreds of Patients travel to Cancun for

“ full mouth Implants”  is they are a permanent Solution that can transform a patients life.

No more removable ill fitting or slipping traditional dentures, The All-on-4 and 6  fit perfectly and customized to your mouth with the benefit of stability so no need to make uncomfortable adjustments or suffer accidental slips. You regain full functionality of your mouth (although the first stage surgically and adjusting to a full prosthesis will take some time to get used to) The Implants produce the optimal framework for you to regain that normality you have been missing or expected to lose. And the bonus of the esthetics of such dental Implant treatments your Smile will look natural and beautiful while at the same time preserving and strengthening your jawbone, many long time denture wearers suffer with major bone reabsorption.


The ALLON4 is a  technique  allows patients who are missing or are about to loose all their teeth, a solution to replace a whole arch (Upper or lower) or both over only 4 Dental Implants.

How is this possible, well it comes down to the placement of the 4 Dental Implants , the 2 front ones are placed parallel and the 2 back dental Implants are placed at a tilted angel of 45 degrees.

This may not seem such a groundbreaking technique to those of us who are not dental Implant specialists, but this specific placement of the 4 implants gives tremendous support and most importantly this technique avoids the need for bone grafting.

For the upper arch, two implants are located in the front of the mouth in the cortical bone beneath the nose where dental bone is naturally strongest. Another two implants are inserted at an angle, tilted distally, in the back of the mouth. These tilted implants engage the mesial wall of the sinuses for superior spread stability.



For the lower arch, the same implant strategies apply with two implants located towards the front and two in the rear tilted at an angle. Implant insertion location and angles are unique to each patient and are heavily influenced by pre-surgical consultations.



The ALL-ON-6 is another name for a full fixed arch Oral rehabilitation but as the number suggest this is achieved over 6 Implants and not 4 and does not need to depend on a 45 degree angulation of any dental implants, The ALLON6 is favored by many dental specialists due to the increased number of implants placed, this is because if a dental Implant failed to osseointergrate on an ALLON4 the complete arch is compromised and lost as the 3 remaining implants cannot support the arch. If an Implant fails on the ALLON6 the arch is still functional due to the remaining 5 implants in place.



Disadvantages of the ALLON4 


  • The molar areas of your mouth have the strongest bite force. However, All-on-4 Technique dental implants cannot be placed in such regions of the mouth.

  • The All-on-4 implant procedure requires that the patient have a high level of bone in order to hold and secure the implants for the long-term.

  • Bone reabsorption is common in the posterior areas as there are no Implants placed there.

Disadvantages of the ALLON6 


  •  The cost increases due to the increase amount of Implants needed

  •  Bone grafting is often required